Yesterday, 7th February 2020 marked the release of Suzanna, the first song of the much-anticipated album Midnight Train by Sauti Sol. Since then, it has been sung across platforms and is currently number one on trending on YouTube.

However, there’s much that bring back Déjà Vu’s when you watch the video. A Migos kind of Déjà vu. More specifically, a Walk it like you talk it kind of Déjà vu.

Why? You wonder. Both songs have tremendous similarities.

Migos’ Walk it like you talk it
Sauti Sol’s Suzanna

The set.

To start with, the set which both these groups of artists sing is of the old-school style; and both are full of color, bringing the aspect of just how stylish Africans and African-Americans were; and still are. The difference is that for Migos they opted for the 80’s theme while Sauti Sol opted for a 70’s theme.

Disco ball

Both songs are shot in a disco ball environment and the artists; in their colorful clothes and big hairs; sing in front of the attendees of the disco ball.

Soul trained themed video

Both songs are soul-filled; no question about that.

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These similarities, however, do not mean that now Sauti Sol and Migos should do a collab. That will be, well, something else. Both groups, no matter the similarities of their songs; are of two completely different genres. While Sauti Sol majors on African-pop; Migos majors on trap. A fusion of the two would just be confusing.

Also, Suzanna and Walk it like you talk it pass different messages. While walk it like you talk it emphasizes on practicing what you preach, Suzanna cheekily mocks Suzanna, a woman who is living the “good” life just because she got a sponsor, a much common tradition here in Kenya.

Another key difference is while Walk it like you talk it was shot in Atlanta, USA; the Kenyan band Sauti Sol was shot in Nigeria.

So no, Sauti Sol is not the new Kenyan Migos and anyone who convinces you otherwise does not know enough of what music really is.