Nation Media Group(NMG) just opened a large can of worms. The region’s largest media house fired one of the Daily Nation’s top editors Dennis Galava.

Galava told a source that he had received termination letter from NMG Editorial Director Tom Mshindi that said he failed to follow procedure on January 2, 2016 when he wrote a critique of Uhuru’s regime.

The editor who has been at the helm of the weekend newspaper, Saturday Nation, before he was transferred to Special Projects expressed shock at the development and the reasons cited.

“I have penned more than 100 editorials and did not need guidance or any form of procedure before they were ready, so it is shocking when they talk of my not following editorial procedures or policy,” he said.

“I actually learned of the said procedures in the suspension and termination letters given to me.”

Galava’s termination has disappointed many media personalities. The comment below by one of NMG’s own Ciru Muriuki basically sums up what most of these personalities are thinking.

Ciru said in her Facebook post…..

I’m so disappointed to hear that Dennis Galava was fired by NMG following his BRILLIANT editorial, which was in my opinion the best piece of editorial journalism I have seen in years. The mark of truly free press is publishing opinions you don’t like, you don’t agree with, may offend, and that will definitely spark public discourse.

I don’t know what the plan here is, but it doesn’t bode well for those of us in the media….because it’s looking more and more like we need to conform to the powers that be…or perish. And that, pardon my french, is f*&%ed up.

This latest developments begs the question as to whether the media in Kenya is truly free. There are so many youngsters looking forward to a career in journalism. Don’t just read this story and move on, stop, ask yourselves and think what it means for you and your beloved country Kenya.