Are you an entrepreneur or a talkpreneur? This is a question I would like to challenge the fellow youth with. I would like to understand where each of you stands. Most youth talk about how if they had funds they would be making it big! Or the cliche vibe of how they would have made it if only they had the connections

Let me burst your bubble, you are just a talkpreneur and nothing more.Talking too much and having no actions to back up your talking.


How about we let our minds,hands,feet do the talking more than our mouths? This could be challenging but ,come on, this is the only way we can get it done.

entrepreneur 3

The only way to achieve this is by acquiring some specific personality traits and the most crucial one is being a risk taker .You know, an individual who will do anything to get things done. The other characteristics include being creative,enthusiastic,flexibile and mostly important open-minded. For a talkpreneur the only characteristic they posses more is talk and more talk.Boring, right?

entrepreneur 2

Do not let the walls cave in when the going gets tough,no! just keep pushing and the effort will pay up before your very own eyes.

I dare you to transform and let this challenge our personal goal.Le’ts do more walking and the less talking.