• App: AroundMe
  • Category: Utility
  • Developers: James Mwai

iphoneGoing for a road trip or rendezvous around/outside town, here is an android application you should consider having with you. More like your best friend.
AroundMe, helps you determine just where you are and also shows which hotels, theaters, motels, gas stations and just about everything else that’s around your location.
The application can also be used to book hotels and scroll through cinema schedules. It’s ideal for tourists or even people who like to have their day well planned out before setting foot out of the house.

So whenever you find yourself lost or if at all you’re cruising around in the car and the gas meter gives you a shocking Close-To-Empty reading, just remember to check out this cool application and you’ll be one step closer to getting to exactly where it is that you intend to go.

By Kevin Kibera