Artiste Comebacks: Is The Struggle That Real?
They say that music is a universal language, that anyone and everyone can understand it. But what happens when your favourite musicians take a break? No more singles from them every month; no music videos to look out for from them.

Let’s bring this home. Mr. Lenny, Big Pin, Kunguru, XYZ’s Alex, among others, were at their career peaks when they all of a sudden stopped working for a moment.
Mr. Lenny recently got back to music with a new track, “Randa Randa”, stepped away from the music scene at a time when he was considered the king of ‘collaboz’. We missed his unique sound. His work with Nameless, Mr. Googz and Vinnie Banton stayed high on the charts for weeks.

Well, Mr. Lenny is back and he is promising a big impact. Will he regain his fan base? Listen to his new music — be the judge. Kunguru also enjoyed his time before he left. Do you remember “Don’t Go”, which he worked on with Mr. Lenny? Kunguru used to bring a Luo swag — you had to love it. His comeback track is titled “Superstar” and it features features Apondi. Does he stand a chance?

You just have to listen to their new music. Maybe you will rekindle the love….