Is it over? Has Simba returned to the dating scene once again or is it just a promo for future music projects?

The 3’rd time is a sure charm but not to Tanasha and Diamond who’ve been pulling off a fourth. The couple sure had lots of goals to share with their fans, bringing out that definition of true love. Or so we thought. The two have been having trouble in paradise… Are they taking the road to singlehood once again?

In a tragic turn of events, the celebrity couple seems to have called it quits. Tanasha jetted into the country in the wee hours of the night with her child, Naseeb Junior. Following rants on her insta-stories, fans were left wondering if it was a true break up or just a promo.

However, Ms. Donna seemed to fuel the breakup stories after deleting pictures of Diamond on her Instagram account. She only left those posts that promote her new music with him, Gere. Donnatella also unfollowed Diamond, his family and members of the WCW brand.

A search on Tanasha’s IG account shows she has unfollowed Diamond. 

We sure have a lot of Deja Vu memories when it comes to Diamond and his dating life. Rumors have it that ones again Diamond cheated on with one of his vixens. “Pure evil” What is it about him and the vixens in his videos? In his song, Jeje, a video vixen is seen twerking on Dangote and this seems to have moved the relationship with Donna from the pan into the fire. Donna went on Ig and shared a snip of Roody Rich’s song’ The Box’ with the captions,” No half-naked bad bitches twerking. Don’t see him touching girls either. “

Donna’s story depicting the vixen theory.

Donna also took time to warn women about engaging with narcissists. Describing Simba as a narcissist, she told women to keep off narcissists as they were toxic and it was equivalent to dealing with the devil himself. “ It takes experience and realization to learn. Pray hard, she said.

A snip of her warnings to the women
Another snippet of her rant on narcissists

It, however, remains a wild guess if the dynamic couple has decided to end things as Ms. Donna promised to explain everything in her song that she will drop soon.


Considering the numerous ways celebrities have used to promote their brands and create hype about themselves, we will just have to wait until one of them spills the truth and sets the record straight.

Only time will tell if we are being taken for a ride or the energetic couple have truly split?