The President of the Republic of Kenya has confirmed that the attacks that were undertaken in Nairobi have been neutralized.

The events took place yesterday afternoon at the Dusit hotel at Riverside drive. Loud explosions accompanied by gunshots were heard causing confusion in the area.

A number of four or more gunmen were reported to have taken hostage of the complex while using heavy artillery in their line of destruction.

The attacks took place from around 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon and continued all the way till six am Wednesday morning.

Scores of people were injured and 14 people confirmed to have lost their lives. Over 700 managed to be rescued from the building.

The President in a press brief given this morning confirmed that the terror attack had been neutralized fully. He commended the security forces for responding quickly to curb the attack and elimination of the terrorists.


The president also urged Kenyans to work together with the security forces to eliminate all cases of insecurity in the country.

This horrific act is one among the major attacks in Kenya, the Westgate and the Garissa University attack.

The President has urged all security officials to be vigilant to avert some of this major crisis in the country.