We live in such a money-centred society that dictates – the more money, the better. Most galz, it is claimed, do not wish to go below what is their ‘level.’ “If she’s used to Mercedes or BMWs, why should she ride in a 10-year-old Corolla?” The uncommon truth is; most ladies don’t really care whether you have money or not. That may seem shocking, but it is what it is.

What galz do care about is how you make them feel.

Happiness is the solid foundation a relationship is built on. So, ensuring your partner is happy should be a top priority. A little romance can go a long ways to make a gal happy and it can often be done free or very cheap.
Having money is one way to make the honiez feel good, but it is definitely not the only way. If having money were the only way to make a woman feel fascinated and attracted, then hot women would only date rich men. And, because that does not happen as often as you think, we know that there is more to the equation than cash. Here are 6 reasons that will attract the honiez just as much, if not more than ca$h:

bow_wow_and_ciara 588 x 8431. Self confidence
Work on yourself and realize that the most important thing in the world is you. Get the confidence you need and then you will radiate this advancing persona. Everyone will be attracted to you as everyone wants to advance as well. This confidence and surety not only leads you to relationships with the opposite sex, but could also lead to future business ventures and other opportunities.
Show the ladies that you have a firm grip on your manhood. This does not mean to act like a beast and start beating on your chest. The idea is to show them that you are independent and strong, which will leave no doubt in their minds about your manhood. The best thing to do would be to work on your self-image and the way you represent that to others.
Galz, like dudes, are very competitive. If they see you talking to other women, their natural competitiveness kicks in, and they will wanna talk to you too.

2. Humour
Ladies don’t want you to try to make them feel whole. What she wants is for you to make her laugh, scream with joy, run, jump and play like a little girl and make her feel like the luckiest woman in the world! There is nothing more attractive, sexier and more irresistible than that!! Make her feel alive

3. Charming
You have to talk talk to them. Go to a coffee shop, a church, wherever… and say hi to them. After a few mornings, ‘hi’ will lead to a few sentences. In a few weeks it will be whole conversations as she sees you often and her comfort with you grows.
The ladies need to feel pretty. Galz want to feel like they are the most attractive person in the room, even when they first crawl out of bed in the morning. They also love to be told when something they do pleases their man. A simple, “You look pretty” or, “your hair looks lovely” can go a long way to make a girl happy. Simple compliments tell the lasses that you notice and you care.
Sweep her off her feet with your words. Be the Prince Charming.

happy_workout_girl_360x2254. Listen
Remember to always listen to her. Show interest in what she has to say. This charms a gal and shows that you really care.
Most dudes are ‘fix-it’ types and always try to come up with solutions. Often, honiez don’t want a solution. They just want to vent. If a gal doesn’t ask for a solution, most likely she just wants to be able to get it off her chest and find a sympathetic ear. It can make a gal happy just to have someone that she can express her feelings to and know that person is really listening.

5. Honesty
Ladies can tell if you are only pretending to listen or compliments are forced. No matter what you do or say, make sure that it is in the sincerest form. Galz don’t want to hear, ‘You look pretty today,’ if it comes out sounding like you’re reading it in a text.
Never try attracting a honie by using trickery and manipulation. Even if you get her, she will run for the hills once she realizes that she was part of one of your schemes. Ladies do not like feeling like door prizes, so make sure that you are sincere and honest when you are trying to attract them. Using lies and deceit to get your way will only make you look desperate, which is far from being attractive.

2-happy-teens-african-american 1000 x 6676. Hot Body
Keep your body clean. Girls don’t want to deal with your week-old body odour. Wear nice clothes. It’s not like you have to go around wearing Armani or anything, just wear clothes that fit, suit your body, don’t have holes or stains, and don’t look like they were the height of fashion in 1986. Ensure you’re dressed such that she wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with you. Smell amazing. Just like you love a girl who smells like a perfect princess fresh out of fairy land, girls love it when men smell amazing too. You can do this by first keeping your body clean, and then adding a nice scent. This can be as simple as getting a really nice smelling deodorant. If you want to go a bit further, you can try cologne or body sprays. Just make sure that the smell is subtle and that you put it on correctly. She doesn’t want you to smell like you bathed in Axe. Maintain your body. Just like guys usually prefer a fairly tonned girl, girls usually prefer decently fit guys. Don’t feel like you have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, because she won’t care so much whether you have a six pack or not. Just get yourself to a point where you’re healthy and comfortable.

By Zahra