Aug 2014 coverD.K. KWENYE BEAT
He might not have been known by many when he ventured into the gospel industry with his hit single ‘Naangalia Juu.’5 years later and he’s taken over the gospel industry by storm being among the top musicians in the country. But what confuses many is the catchy phrases he uses in his songs like ‘Furi Furi’,’Asusu’ ‘Sari Sari’ and now ‘Kereka’. Find out more on why his style of music is unique and what led to his change of lifestyle.

This was one exceptional funkie with a good number of invited schools attending. One thing that stood out from the rest of the funkies was the way it was well-organized. They even had a guest spaker so to speak. We have all the details on what disappointed our Undercover Brother plus a full array of pics. on what took place.

Going to church while in high school has never been a challenge since joining Form 1.However, things change when one approaches Form 2 and considers attending the Sunday Service as a ‘boring’ activity that tends to just pass time. Our writer Jacqueline Muthoni seeks to get answers on why students see no need in attending them.


  • Career Advice: Swaleh Mdoe answers your questions on Journalism.
  • High School Flashback: Jua Cali reminiscences his life as a Jahmu student.
  • Fashion: How to look cool in a Hijab.
  • One on one with Pioneer’s coolest TA Edwin Odhiambo.
  • AQ students’ say on whether or not Jam Sessions should be banned.