Engrossing, epic and emotional, those are the three E’s that define this movie. This is another thrilling adventure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe creations that has really been anticipated by the marvel fan base. The movie premiered in Kenya yesterday at some of Kenya’s biggest cinemas. Unlike Black Panther’s movie premiere, this wasn’t filled with creative and artistic African wear or any dress code specifically as it was just a simple posh premiere. Every cinema had its own way of welcoming this movie into the Kenyan market. Most of the dedicated customers even got free invites to the premiers.

avengers infinity war poster

The movie has taken an entirely different outlook and exceeded the lofty expectations of its fans hence delivering a crowning achievement.

Two years after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers team remain a fractured group of heroes, with some completely off the radar. However when the powerful intergalactic tyrant Thanos arrives on earth to complete his collection of the Infinity Stones, which upon acquiring all six, will allow him to control half of the universe, they must reunite. With time quickly running out, The Avengers must reunite with the Guardians of the Galaxy to put an end to Thanos unquenchable thirst for power. Despite the films darker tone, there are still some hilarious scenes of banter among the heroes, especially between Tony Stark and Steven Strange (you all know how these two always have a weird sense of humor).
So hurry up and watch this exciting fiction movie!

Watch the trailer below: