Kenyans are definitely not being left behind when it comes to the entertainment industry.We got into the reality TV game with one of the most successful shows ever produced locally – Nairobi Diaries. The show which revolves around Nairobi so-called socialites is heading for its sixth season and it’s just as popular as before.

However the show has borrowed heavily from the likes of Love and Hip Hop, there is too much ratchetness going on, from bar fights to petty squabbles.

Each episode is characterized by a cat fight and someone’s wig being pulled off! It’s too much for anyone to handle if you ask me.

Oh well, now there is a new reality show in the works.

Called Queen of Nairobi, the new reality show will be about the ladies in Kenya’s music industry and the hustle they go through in a male dominated world.

Some of the cast include Avril, Dela, Marya, Kyki and Kendi among others.

According to some sources, the show will be more about women empowerment and not pettiness. I surely hope this is true because we cannot handle any more ratchet TV.