Finally someone got bold enough to speak out! And it came in form of Kenya’s sultry singer Avril. Through her Instagram post Avril expressed her dissatisfaction on how the government has neglected it’s greats. From footballers like JJ Masiga, Kadenge, Abbas, Musicians like Konde, Kabasele, Kabaka, writers like Bivanyanga and actors like Ojwang.

She feels we should honor this greats with  a Hall of Fame similar to other countries and I can’t agree more. Musicians are expected to address pertinent issues affecting the society be it good or bad and o this Avril just gave Kenyans a wake up call!

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One of the most soul crushing things for me as a creative is the thought that JJ Masiga, Kadenge, Abbas (all great footballers), Konde, Fadhili, Kabaka, kabasele (musicians) Binyavanga and a whole host of writers, Ojwang hatari and many more actors have had such a huge impact on our nation & her people yet no one is thinking of a hall of fame!!!!!!!! Why??? Do we only care about now?? Do we not care about who we are and were we are coming from? Do we not care about our history? Does our ministry of culture/sports not have a vision? This is something I'd do on day one if I were in charge of this ministry. Our younger generations don't even know about how great we were & how great we can be. #KenyanHallOfFame !!!!!! A Kenyan hall of fame would cause such national pride & unify us. But it would also inspire a generation of go getters & we need that. Why is there no will? I think that it would be based on the impact a person has had in the field of sport, music, film, literature & tv Kadenge, Abbas, Masiga all changed the way we viewed football and for a fleeting moment Kenyans dreamed that we might just might make it as a great footballing nation….. But the will wasn't there from the powers that be All the actors like Joe Mwamburi (tushauriane) whose career was shot down cause it was "too unkenyan". Do we even remember this? Kenya needs a hall or walk of fame, it also needs to be back with video, photos & historical documents that the young generation can read and go thru. This will help us know 1. Who we are 2. Were we should be going There is a generation of people who've got no clue who we are. If asked they think "we are what we see on MTV/ trace" Yet "malaika the song is one of the greatest remakes in the world remade on every continent Africa, Asia, Europe & the Americas. And yes they sang it in Swahili The hand out issue is a side show. Can't we focus on the main show….? A hall of fame for our forefathers who dared to dream & follow there dreams….? We cannot keep pissing on our history and wishing it away! We will loose a part of our identity that can help us focus on clearer visions. If we do not celebrate our own no one will be there to ce

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