Yeeei! Avril is officially a mother. Singer Avril has been a subject of discussion since disquieting rumors about her pregnancy came about. People were busy wagging their tongues about her pregnancy been another publicity stunt. Well, she did fake pregnancy sometime back. More so if Jesus forgives, people rarely do. Anyway, on her operation #ifikiemahaters she posted a pic of her cute baby bump to finally zip them up.

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Avril reveals her baby bump

So after Avril revealed this a little birdy has chirped to us that Avril, for all of you still waiting for maternity news 911 eventually brought forth her bundle of joy on Sunday. Yes, beautiful people Avril has already given birth. The hospital is yet to be confirmed but she underwent a Caesarean section.

However, Avril has not been happy about what y’all have been saying about her on social media but all in all her anthem is short and simple #IDGAF. Taking to social media she clearly stated she has never lived in denial. She is 101% authentic in her life and lifestyle, she is true to herself and does not need to prove that to anybody but herself.

Hmmm…. all in all congratulations are in order and the baby shower issapleaaan. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you it is a baby girl. Khloe gives birth to a girl and Avril also gives birth to a girl. What does that tell you? The future is…

Related imageAvril congratulations but one question still remains. Who is the lucky baby daddy?