Sexy songstress Avril is known for churning out hits and featuring in amazing videos that have kept her in the lime light for over ten years now.

What most do not know is that Avril is very serious about pursuing her acting career. She has been sharing posts on her social media pages expressing her excitement about a project she is working on

An hour ago she shared the pic below, that is sure going to get her fans worried. But don’t worry, her caption will explain it all

12750023_559417840890372_1964056849_nThe picture is just a glimpse into the set of her latest project, which we know nothing of yet.



10311254_814134292025736_1075622528_n 12729468_1080922355263408_1275002383_n 12751383_1670276159899090_960516198_nWe can’t wait to see what she has for us