She has a sultry voice, she is beautiful but her love life was not all that glossy. Avril recently talked about her fiance. The South African whom all men envied because let’s face it, he had Avril eating out the palm of his hands. Maybe even literally but that is not the information she shared in a recent interview she had. Avril says that her fiance abandoned her when she needed him most: after her father died 

It was in 2016 that she lost her dad and that made her go through a lot. What do you do when things go south? You turn to your significant other and close friends so imagine the shock and pain that she went through after her supposed “one true pair” decided to up and leave!? “In 2016 a lot of the things in my life really changed because I lost my dad and around the same, same time the person I was supposed to get married to decides to bolt and I was like ‘What?!’ Just when you’re are trying to stand  up then you are given another jab and you have to just sit-down and go like, okay….cool. Good. Yeah.” She revealed on Ebru TV.

It was also a time that she had to focus on her career. Imagine on top of that she still had to try and find a way to get her music career back on track. She went on to say, “During my father’s funeral there were a lot of people I was expecting to be there for me, to support me and they weren’t so I was like ‘Kwani where are you guys? Where are you?’ and that is what inspired my song ‘Uko?’ ” She said before adding “Because so many times we believe that the people who are in the front seat, who are supposed to be clapping for you and holding on to us when you cry are people you expect to be there and then they are not. Uko was that question, where are you?”

If 2016 was not your year, Avril understands you better than you think. She is still going solid and her songs have taken off. The responses have been positive despite the tough times. May she grow stronger.