Maajabu haya! This is the man of the week!

A man offered to serve a sentence for his younger brother,even if it is a death sentence in a Homa Bay court room.

“Please allow me to serve the sentence in his place even if it is a death sentence,” he begged.

Onyango was accused of murdering Bernard Okeno.

Richard Obila,his elder brother, told Justice Hellen Omondi that he would take his brother’s part and serve the jail term because his brother was a newly wed and hyas a young family.

“Onyango is my youngest brother. I am really sorry for what happened. He is newly married with two infants,” Obila said.

Judge Omondi explained that the law didn’t allow transfer of a sentence to a different individual, and later affirmed that Mr Onyango, jointly with another suspect before the court, were guilty of killing Okeno.

Well,though he tried to save his brother ,it’s funny that he actually spilled the beans and confirmed that his brother had murdered.

Would you do the same for your brother?