They were once EA’s hottest power couple. Having dated in the early 2000s ,they made their mark as one of our first “celebrity couples”.

However Amani’s and Ay’s relationship came crushing down years ago, and now AY has finally revealed why their relationship did not work.


Speaking at a recent interview Ay says…

I met Amani in 2005. We became close friends and later, lovers. We loved and respected each other. In 2007, we split. (Contrary to what many speculated), misunderstanding and quarrel did not contribute to the break up.

According to AY the break up was mutually agreed upon since they knew it would be expensive to travel back and forth to see each other as neither was willing to relocate to the others country.

The distance and expenses incurred (in making the relationship work) were the main reasons we went our separate ways. Neither I nor Amani was ready to relocate to the other’s native country; patriotism played a part in our stance.