Let’s all hit pause and think for a minute here. All through in school we’ve been taught that earth is spherical in shape. We’ve even drawn up images and we’ve even seen videos ‘proving’ that planet earth really is spherical. But American rapper, who has also had the opportunity of performing in Kenya, believes otherwise. B.O.B wants to prove that the earth is actually flat… Let’s talk about it

Or not. B.O.B has launched a fundraiser to that effect. In January last year, B.O.B shared his beliefs publicly and it was slightly controversial. “Don’t believe what I say, research what I say,” he wrote on his Twitter handle after giving examples of what he said was proof that the earth does not have a curve. You don’t expect that people went quiet right? Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson pounced on him and an insanely crazy Twitter beef started. What happens when a musician feels insulted and they want payback? They end up releasing a diss track. Which he did, calling the diss track “Flatline.” They were actually two diss tracks. Fiiiiiire.

Damn, I wouldn’t want to be the subject of a diss track. B.O.B aka Bobby Ray is still continuing with his belief that our planet is flat. He now has a GoFundMe account that seeks to get funds from well-wishers. The money collected will then be used to research whether the earth really is flat. See the thing is, science is all about proof. We believe the earth is spherical because there has been something to prove that. If we can get another group of scientists to show us that the world is flat, we are ready! The fund has a goal of $200,000, but so far only 13 people have donated $195.

Perhaps people don’t believe in his theory. It’s a rather crazy idea. But you know what they say, crazy ideas change the world. Check out the video he posted calling for fundraising. Let’s hope he’ll find the curve!