The very famous blankets and wine had a lot to offer yesterday as they are known for not letting their fans down. An event of it’s own league and rumours are spreading that they are planing to go East African wide. The event was for all colors,  shapes and styles and guys came prepared to show off their moves and swag.

The good aroma that was spreading in the air made the crowd more hungry and they couldn’t resist buying more and more. The organizers did not forget the little ones-there were two bouncing places for them.

Different bands performed to their best. Nneka from Nigeria made the crowd start gathering around the stage. Next was our very own Fena who brought along her crew consisting of Kagwe Mungai and they made the crowd feel more fresh. They performed their latest hit Kama Kawaida and peeps sang along.

The headliner AKA from South Africa took the stage together with his team and they brought the house down. Thank heavens he didn’t ‘pull a Burna Boy’ and gave they crowd more than they paid for.

The event was definitely lit and left us yearning for more.