Violence rocked the Students Organization of Nairobi University (Sonu) elections that saw Babu Owino retaining the chairmanship on Friday night.

Opposing camps of students faced-off as the situation turned violent during the swearing in of Owino on Saturday by Chief Legal Officer.

Anti-riot police officers restrain opposing camps of students of University of Nairobi who were demonstrating during the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected Sonu leaders. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE

Anti-riot Police officers had to be called in to quell the fracas as the opposing camps traded accusations and exchanged bitter words.

Newly elected Students Organization of Nairobi University (Sonu) chairman Babu Owino (center) walks away after being sworn-in flanked by his supporters. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE

“I am the duly elected Sonu chairman having won in 10 of the 11 polling stations. I am the new chairman and I will serve the students,”

Owino said in his speech.

What really happened?

According to sources, Babu Owino was involved in election malpractices which saw him beat his closest contender Mike Jacobs.

Babu was declared duly elected leaders after garnering over 18,000 votes.

“Mike Jacobs was leading, but the tallies changed and Babu won,” a student said who did not want to be named.

The disgruntled students had on Friday hinted that they would cause chaos if Owino was announced the winner.

Most students were puzzled by Owino’s win because Mike Jacobs was leading in all campuses by midnight Friday, it is not clear how Babu won.

“There are no real results. They have all been cooked,” a student who fears Owino’s rowdy bodyguards said.

However, the newly-elected chairman failed to field any further questions from journalists and was whisked away into a waiting vehicle which sped off before students from the opposing camp could get hold of him.

-Source- The Star