diamond platnumz

The baby is finally here. Word on the street is that Tanasha Donna has welcomed her son at the Aga Khan hospital in Dar es Salaam. This is her first child and Diamond’s fourth/fifth.

Diamond has also hinted on the same on his Instastories. His message read, ULIYE MNGOJA  KAJA. On more of his Instastories, he posted photos of Tanasha packing some baby items.

Come to think of it, Diamond’s message to Tanasha should have read: TULIYEMNGOJA  KAJA. It would have sounded better.

Is Chibude secretly excluding himself from his son’s life? Earlier on, Zari had warned Tanasha about relying on Dee to raise her child. She told the NRG radio presenter that she should be prepared to raise the child on her own. Are Zari’s words ultimately coming to fruition?

Diamond and Tanasha have unleashed scanty information regarding the birth of their child. We are yet to learn the baby’s name. What we know is that Tanasha had suggested Muslim names. Some of Tanasha’s fans have displayed emotion and agitation. Reason? There’s little fuss in celebrating the young Simba’s birth.

Whether there are plans in place to celebrate the young prince or not, only time will tell. An agitated fan has also taken to Tanasha’s page to ridicule her.

“Maskini mtoto kazaliwa lakini mbwembwe za kuandaliwa chumba kama teefa hakuna ila Diamond alikuwa kumpenda Zari.”  the message read. So if Chibude really loved Zari, what did he have to do with Tanasha? 


At the writing of this, Zari was/is on vacation and has yet to congratulate Tanasha over the birth of her child. She’s perfectly glowing going by her photos on social media. She, however, seems perturbed by the birth of the young child since her message on Instagram depicts makasiriko ya siri. She took to her Instagram page saying, “When you’re always in your own world on your terms you’ll never stress or worry about what others are doing.”

So is Zari secretly disturbed by this whole Tanasha baby issue? Most likely. Zari anayo makasiriko na sio siri!