Trio Mio

Fast rising teen sensation, Trio Mio has become an online punching bag for Kenyans on Twitter after schools reopened. The young rapper who came into the limelight during this lockdown period has been enjoying enormous support from the local industry thanks to his talents on the mic. His fast rise has even earned him comparisons to the legendary E-sir with many comparing his talent and ambition to that of the Ogopa Deejays veteran.

Trio Mio
Trio Mio’s snapshot just before going back to school | IMAGE: TRIO MIO

Trio Mio landed his jackpot breakthrough after releasing his hot single “Cheza Kama Wewe” late last year which instantly went viral. The song also brought to light his numerous Instagram freestyle clips which helped affirm the speculation that he’s one of the most talented young Kenyan rappers emerging from the shadows. Thanks to the hot single, Trio Mio has been able to attract the attention of promoters like Telehmani of Hype Africa to advance his foundation in music. This connection helped him attract collabos for a remix of the hit single “Cheza kama wewe” with industry veteran Mejja and Gengetone sensations Exray and Nelly the Goon. The remix has already clocked over 2 million views on Youtube in a duration of less than a month.


This week however hasn’t been his best despite being a Kenyan favorite on social media. The teen rapper has been on the rough end of Twitter trolls after Kenyans discovered that he will be heading back to school this week. To make matters worse, he had to shave off his boujee hairstyle before heading back to school. Talk about, back to factory resetting within a snap of a finger!

He has hinted that he would be dropping some music while in school. Here are some of the funniest trolls: