The normal back to school atmosphere hasn’t changed at all. Students have still maintained the same plethora of mixed emotions. A feeling of excitement with just a little bit of disgust. You see, some enjoy the feeling of going back to school while others dread it. Second term is usually the longest. But worry not, here is a list of funkiez to spice it up. 

Music Festivals. The National Music Festivals are usually rated as the best Funkiez in high school. Everyone dreams of attending one even if they are not members of the choir or school band. The festivals have never failed to live up to their expectations. The excitement that comes with the lively performances and the thrill that the competitions present is unimaginable. In addition, the festivals attract various schools from every region as the best teams gradually proceed to the national rounds. This provides the best opportunity for students to socialise and create new connections. Some of the best and long lasting friendships are usually created at the music festivals.

Blackrock. Black rock is probably the oldest and most highly rated rugby festival for high schoolers. Dubbed the biggest high school rugby tournament in East Africa, it’s usually held around 17th and 23rd May. The tournament that is usually held at St. Mary’s School Nairobi, brings together some of the most elite rugby schools from around the country to
battle it out for the trophy. The kind of culture that has been built around this festival has made it very unique and valuable amongst teens. The experience that one gets from attending Black Rock is one of a kind. Apart from the games, the festival usually features some good music with an entertaining DJ or local artiste gracing the stage, snack bars, photography and a conducive environment to socialise and interact with other schools. It’s the best sports funkie in second term.

German Festival. The German Festival couldn’t obviously miss out from this list. It’s one of the A class Funkiez of second term. Even though it’s only meant for German students, it’s still open to other students who would like to attend and experience the German culture. The event which is hugely supported by Goethe Institute, is very unique since it goes beyond just the competitions. It seeks to enable the students to experience the German culture better than they do in books. It’s normally graced by the German ambassador to Kenya.The experience is usually ecstatic, thrilling and amazing. The way different creatives and students employ their creativity to bring out the German culture in a magical splendor is really exciting.It’s the mixture of drama, music, dance and artistry all in one place, at the same time and being delivered by different characters. It is unbelievable!

Mater Heart Run. This is most probably the highlight of second term. The Mater Heart Run is not necessarily a funkie but it presents an awesome experience that one cannot miss out on. The event is usually held at different venues across the country. The event brings together different schools from each region to participate in the charity run to raise funds for patients with heart disease. Most teeniez love this event because apart from the fact that they are doing something for the greater good, they also get time to have a lot
of fun. The climax of the event is usually the concerts after the run. The concerts are mostly headlined by popular local artistes and DJs. It’s like attending a Khaligraph Jones concert absolutely for free. You get to have fun and loosen up after the run. It’s usually a very important experience for someone in school, and in the middle of the longest term of the year.

Great Debators Contest. For the linguists, this is your chance! The Great Debators Contest is a classic funkie for classic people. It’s a very demanding Funkie that usually requires everyone to bring their A game. The thrill that the contestants create in the pin drop silent halls is unexplainable. Apart from the arguments, the applauding and the constant dilemma of determining who’s better, the social side of the event is one that’s quite impressive. With well-ironed uniforms, straight collars and neat hairs, the attendees are always impressive when it comes to the game of vibes. Both the ladies and the gentlemen playing out the game of words to see who wins over the others heart. Can you imagine that?

St John’s Contests.The St John’s is one of the highly respected clubs in any school. Not only because of their outstanding uniforms but also because of the high level of discipline that is always expected of the members. It’s a very critical part of the school. St John’s members are involved in almost every activity in school. They get the privilege to go to every Funkie in high school just in case there’s an incident requiring first aid. And that’s why their Funkies are also given a high priority. The second term St John’s contests are usually held per region. Although the competitions might be tiresome because of constant drills and first aid assessments, the evening meet and greets are usually the best. The opportunity to interact with new people is relieving especially during a stressful term like second term.


Cultural Fairs. Last but not least are the school cultural fairs. Second term is normally marked by cultural fairs and talent shows. This is where fashion meets the runway. Young models and aspiring fashion designers get the opportunity to showcase their talents. They fuse culture with fashion to bring out magical outfits, which are then showcased at the runways by young talented models. The whole experience of course is complimented by some good music and good food. It’s a perfect way to take a break from a hectic, long and exam-filled term.

For more information on School events grab a copy of The Insyder in The Sunday Standard.