Girls have always wanted a tall, dark and handsome guy. Hazel and medium built could work too. However, that’s not the case these days as new dynamics come into play; such as that of behaviour.

As I sat at a park reading my novel and waiting for my girlfriends, I watched these biker guys walk in; they had on leather jackets, skinny jeans with boots and designer shades pitched on their locked hair. They got the attention that they were clearly looking for; they looked great too. However, something was missing in this “perfect guy” complex; a ‘bad’ chic to go well with his personality.

Is it really necessary to change your personality because of a guy though? He might be a site for sore eyes with all his edginess, but he is not necessarily good for you. He will go against the grail to impress any bad girl like him; and if she’s blind enough not to lose him, her end game might be in a cell, worst case scenario. He’ll also convince you into crazy piercings and extreme tattoos;

Well he will leave you with permanent tattoos AND permanent scars; figuratively speaking.

However, I can’t guarantee that good boys will make you outrageously happy.

Good boys also have a default during manufacture; they don’t have the play button. We all like a guy who will listen to us and sympathise with our very emotional life. If you’re lucky, they’ll also make you laugh or be a cartoon in the middle of a hard day, but that’s rare. Good boys are opposite from biker boys; even their dressing is much different, for example neither heavy metal and piercings nor snapbacks and tattoos. They tend to be more composed and lawful but I’ll be damned if he knows his way around a club.

Good boys are also like time bombs; they explode unexpectedly without warning.  They tend to kill ladies softly and leave them with emotional scars. I guess nobody would want to live like a toy.

All these good and bad boys are not good for us. They’ll leave ladies in the worst emotional roller coaster.

Basically; bad boys are no good, good boy are no fun.

By; Janiana