It is that time of the month!No,not that one!

The one that cold is your portion and the rains just won’t stop. They really won’t.They leave you lonely and freezing. So you decided that you  need a cuddle buddy and you  start to holla at some few people who might feel the same way as you do. Here are some bae-sics to cuffing season.

(Sidebar: Cuffing season definition- it is a phase during the cold season where singles or promiscuous people desire to be tied in a relationship to brace the cold weather.

Stacey: Why is everyone trying to holla this week like outta no where?

Sam: Because it’s cuffing season.You want to come over?

Stacey: Haha!I  don’t want to be sleeping alone this weekend.)

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  1. Try and keep warm to begin with. This will help you keep your mind off those cuffing thoughts that majority of people around are into. If this is not helpful enough, then don’t fret. You are still normal.
  2. Do not be shocked at the DMs. Rule number one is that everybody is a cuffer so do not be offended by those ‘do you want to cuddle?’ requests flowing right into your inbox.
  3. Revival of dead messages.This is not shocking at all. if you must, do it. try your luck.You will find yourself anxiously whatsapp-ing people back three months after the conversation dried up and reconsidering those who didn’t make it to a second date because of some awkward moment you two had.ALSO READ: Gospel artiste schools teens on sex
  4. Having an open mind is a good accord as it helps you set goals of what you want to gain from the season. Whether short term or long term loving, make sure your partner knows. Do not sleep on opportunities to woo them. Treat it like a relationship. Dress up and go for dates.
  5. Do cute things to a prospective candidate.If you are a guy, lend her your hoodie. For the ladies, hint this to them and make sure that your message is sent home.Send photos, be nicer, more chatty or meet them with a take-away coffee-this Is Cuffing Season!
  6. Get your playlist game on fleek. Choose the most appropriate songs to play out loud to your ‘bae’ when you are together. These kind of songs will set a calm mood and opportunity for the two of you to enjoy each others’ warmth.
  7. Lastly, cuffing partners might suck because you are just hurriedly looking for warmth. If you feel that your ‘cuffing bae’ is not working for you right from your conversations, do not be afraid to send them back to the friendzone real quick.


Happy cuffing!