According to a some sources, Bahati may soon be welcoming his second biological child with his fiancée Diana Marua. The couple have not been active on social media for some time, which led to some people to believe that the couple were having problems.

However, it turns out that Bahati and Diana are doing just fine.

Bahati told Pulse that the pregnancy is the reason that they have postponed their wedding, which was set for August this year.

Bahati said,

“Nimekuwa baba before but ( I am) still learning. The family is growing,” “Cake! labda wengine washaakula. Hamuoni nimeficha vidole

“I am still learning what fatherhood entails. I am a new father and yes, the family is growing. I remember going before God on my knees and admitting my level of brokenness and opening my heart for restoration. I then began praying boldly for things that I knew I needed and not the things that continued to enable the broken parts of me. I desired to be a woman of God who wouldn’t be afraid to rise up to the calling.”

We will have to wait and see if the information is true, however for now, we congratulate the couple!