It’s not enough that these two former friends are at each other, now Pastor Eric Omba’s throwing shots at both of them!WILL AND BAHATI

Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband is accusing Bahati and Willy Paul of being hypocrites. He claims that they were using gospel music to get fame and creating scandals for money. Following his claims he posts a photo of Lucifer playing drums as a mimic of what Bahati and Willy Paul are doing, with the following rant….lucy


Be Careful with some Musicians So called Gospel Artists Especially those who always been involved in Scandals all the time. Music is meant to Praise,worship our God ,Encourage and building our faith stronger .anytime you see some are misbehaving ,that gospel artist is not serving God on contrary is Confusing Children of God so that we won’t pay attention to praise Our God.Some are even Using Scandals To make them self Known and anytime some want Release a Knew song Create fake Scandals so that their songs can be a heard and receive more views ,they want pple to pay attention to them not on God. Pple of God be aware of this.Shame on Some Musicians now they are focusing on money ,Fame and they preach water yet drinking Wine. MONEY is not bad and paying an Artist is not bad BUT Shame on Some who are paying attention on money 100% We need to pray so that God can bring back true worshiper like 4 years ago.

NB. now days if you bring a song to me Eti Nikusaidie I have to listen first na kama hakuna ujumbe yeyote I don’t do video or even record. AM WORNING you ,you better choose secular or pure gospel otherwise God will BURN all PRETENDERS.

But here’s the question most people are asking, isn’t he also preaching water and drinking wine? Eric was divorced by his wife when she reported that he was sleeping with girls at his studio, making false promises of making them famous.

So Eric Omba, it seems Bahati and Willy aren’t the only hypocrites burning in hell.

By: Joan Rangara