Well, last year during the Groove Awards nominations, two names conspicuously were not in any list; Willy Paul and Bahati. The two had been embroiled in all manner of scandals, beef and their lifestyles were put under the microscope as ‘non-christian’

. They had some big time beef, which I’m not quite sure if it’s over yet.

Then emerged some time last year and Bahati conceded to the fact that gospel artistes were misleading the flock, and what they were singing was not gospel. According to him, his ideal nominees for Groove awards were Sauti Sol (after their ‘Kuliko jana hit), Collo (after the ‘BazoKizo’ anthem) and Nyashinsky (Mungu Pekee). Of course, he attracted the wrath of many a gospel musician but to some extent, he was right.

The Groove awards are here and the nominations for different categories done. These two artistes have been huge in the recent past, churning hits after hits and doing good on the media. Their songs are getting massive airplay, but… they missed out on a spot in the nominees’ list. Well, walitaka kukimbia na hawana breaki, what did they expecti? Willy Paul collaboed with Alaine in a song that has gone ahead to be one of the biggest hits locally. But prior to that, there were so many publicity stunts, wedding, Alaine going to JCC to sing and be introduced as wife, social media posts and all that… bahati too brought up a new concept in the kenyan vocabulary, ‘Prayer partner’, which to many people simply was a more forgivable way of saying ‘girlfriend’. He then went ahead and did a collabo with Tanzania’s Rayvanny, who is a secular artiste.

So, is their absence from the list justified ama it was too harsh for them? Tell us below.