Gospel music superstar, Bahati, is a deeply troubled man. In recent weeks, he has been at the cross hairs of various attacks leveled at him. Things got ugly last week when Willy Paul tore into him rather badly. Now, the “Barua” hit maker is hinting that things are actually much worse that peeps in these rough social media streets thought…

Bahati Gospel

In a recent interview, the Gospel megastar revealed that the recent attacks were no coincidence, but rather a meticulous plan to finish him off. By ‘finish him off’ we mean the way in the movies a Mafia done means it. As in to off him. To eliminate him. To put him down. To kill him.

In the Pulse Magazine interview, Bahati opened his heart about the situation, which has even resulted in him going off social media entirely;

I have decided to quit gospel music for now. I have decided to follow my heart. Gospel artistes, my very brothers, have been meeting secretly and plotting my downfall. I have so much pain in my heart. It is not worth being in the gospel industry now 

Recent reports in the Kenyan social media, which seems to get its fuel from concentrated Haterade, seem to indicate that other gospel musicians have ganged up against Bahati. Damn Pharasees!

Bahati was not through with his interview. He then went on to drop the bomb about the threats against his life:

At this rate, this hate will even get me killed. If they can even go to an extent of looking for my relatives and other people close to me to bribe them and have them cook lies about me, then aren’t they ready to do anything to finish me?

We ask all fans of Kenyan music, and especially those of Bahati to pray for him during this trying period.

Source: Pulse Magazine