Let’s get to the main event which inevitably was the partying.


To that score, the organizers did not disappoint. There was an array of DJs whose mad skills had the floor jam packed with people, age and size regardless, moving to the beat like they had just realized they had feet and…booties.



Some minor glitches happened and whenever the music stopped, the DJ would be swamped with insults till it came up again. I bet because of this, they sought hard to avoid these seeing as most of the insults were not exactly subtle. You could tell it was a high end event. It is only at high end events where DJs would dare playing more house music than dancehall and get away with it. Also, only high end peeps can pull off the miniskirt look in the chilly Ngong climate.


The cold was another thing. Bordered by the Ngong forest, the chill crept in mercilessly and had many check out as morning beckoned.

With the progression of time, the crowd got more and more rowdy and the floor was reduced to a pack of staggering souls, with sworn members of #TeamMafisi out numbering everyone three to one. Of course, the entrance of #TeamMafisi sees to the exit of many. Their depraved tendencies are of world renown. After that, things went south and the final blow was dealt when they decided to air the boxing fights. It was a good plan alright. The organizers wanted to capitalize on the hype around the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. The flipside, however, was that the fight was three hours later and many people did not give a hoot about the curtain raisers and thus went to sleep it off.

So, was Barbeque Live a success? Did it live up to the hype? Was it worth every penny? You tell me.