We are on our final days of 2016, in fact it’s less than three weeks before we wrap it up and begin 2017. Then we’ll have a whole new year before us. We had resolutions, most of which we didn’t accomplish, right? But let me ask you, do you have a long term goal? Like say, you want to be somewhere at such time, you want to be here or there? Robert Kiyosaki, the writer of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ began his first business by age thirty. So let’s set our age bracket ten years before and after his, 20-40. Cool? Most of us are in our 20s and we wanna be somewhere by age 40, how do we hit a milli at 40?

  1. You’re in your 20s.

That’s where we said we begin. Most of us are in our 20s, in college and plenty of strength and psyche to venture into what we love. At this age, we are best placed to make our first million, since we have plenty of opportunities. In our 20s, our parents still got our backs, they are still young and active and most importantly, they have interest in us fully. If you are getting income at this age, then don’t spend all your money on booze and women (for guys) and trying to look cool with your peers. Do this,

  • Start saving.

Kiyosaki calls it ‘Paying yourself first’. You have bills to pay, but ensure you pay yourself first. Buy an asset, invest in some income-generating stuff. Having the bills come later as debts gives your pressure to work out ways for more money to pay. I know it ain’t comfortable but, we all know what happens in comfort zones, right?

  • Live below your means.

Many rich kids on Instagram look rich, but they aren’t. Many world-renown rich men (look at Mark Zuckerberg’s grey shirt) don’t look rich, but they are. What’s the point here? Do not fight to look fancy. Live below your means. As a student, you depended on Helb, and your hostels were cheaper. Chances are, you were living cheaply, so now you have a job and you want to elevate your standards. But the wisest thing to do is to ditch that mindset. Ditch paying huge bills and save.

  • Learn to invest.

There are many things to invest in, small businesses like Sausages and Popcorn services are untapped in shagz. You can even venture into the stock market. Buy shares when they’re cheap then once their price goes up, sell. Consult some stock broker, read some journals to know more about this and start!


 2. In your 30s

  • Start a business.

At this age, you’ve probably mastered the art of investment. If you don’t have a business you’ve started, then it’s time to set up one. In your 20s you were most likely an employee. So now, you have the required skills, both managerial and technical to set up a business and run it.

  • Work on minimizing your debts.

So you haven’t finished paying your Helb loan. Additionally, you took some loan from a bank to start off your business, plus you have some miscellaneous debts. Well, at this age-bracket you should work towards flattening the debts which I’m sure continue increasing the more you take time settling them. And one thing to note, you shouldn’t use your savings to settle them. Remember the first point we mentioned earlier, ‘Pay yourself first’.

 3. You finally hit 40.

Now you have your business(es) up and running. You have zeroed your debts and now your income is much higher compared to your expenses. At this age bracket, keep your ears and eyes open for any emerging opportunities.

In a nutshell, it requires actualizing big decisions like quitting your 8-5 job. It requires giving your all, going late to bed, giving up non-benefiting friendships and time. If you hold onto these steps, then you’ll be a millionaire by the time you hit 40.  For more knowledge, get to read motivational books by renowned authors.