In life, it is about staying the course, what you do overtime, and most importantly, how you finish. How magnificently you started, or how glamorously you performed in the middle, is all judged by how you finish…



In life, you will have your LIVERPOOL- Your haters, your rivals and competitors. They often team up as one against you because they never walk alone. Don’t be intimidated by them no matter how close they are to you and how much they want to keep you from your goal.



In life, there will be the CHELSEA- The bullies who will use words and psychological tactics to try to defeat you. All their threats are nothing but hot air. Keep your eyes on the prize. You will defeat them and make them feel the blues.



In life, you will have the ARSENAL- The noisemakers. They magnify even their smallest win. They brag too much. They seem to have it all. Don’t be jealous of them. Often these are the people who focus too much on midterm success and lose out on the long-term.




In life, there will be the MANCHESTER UNITED- These are your family, your friends who may bear a similar name as you or come from where you come from but are not as good as you are in what you do. Don’t disown them. Don’t do away with the surname, the family name, but rise nonetheless. Make them proud even if they lag behind.


In life, there will be the RELEGATED ONES- the ones who have not mastered success yet. The ones who are not yet pro. They are the ones who look up to you and admire you. Remember they are watching you; show them how success is done. Don’t be filled with pride, you are the top, lead.

A finisher concludes with success all they start. They follow through. In your studies, your projects, your work, your building; you gotta start with a bang, get excited in the middle then complete with a touchdown! Are you a finisher?

BY Jacqueline Wachira