Beats by Dre new Studio 3 Wireless headphones

Music lovers, there’s something new for you. Your musical experience is going to be fantastic if not lit. Beats by Dre has unveiled its newest set of headphones. Yes, you read that right. The new Beats Studio3 Wireless are the most powerful and technically advanced wireless headphones in the market 

The brand new Beats Studio3 Wireless maintains the sleek design of the Beats by Dre Wireless, while featuring redesigned components and an upgraded process for premium comfort and optimal noise isolation. Equipped with a brand new internal DNA, Beats Studio3 Wireless features a full potential of acoustic designs. In addition, the new offering from Beats by Dre features a pure adaptive noise canceling technology so you are able to hear clearer. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, exceptional battery life, and Fast Fuel charging. On the part of battery life we give mad props. So many devices nowadays are a letdown when it comes to that. Another highlight of these headphones is the Pure ANC technology that uses advanced algorithms to continuously monitor the listening environment to help block out ambient noise. Say what! This, therefore, means that you’ll only be listening to your songs. It’s always so disappointing when funny noises around you interrupt your music. We’ve all been there. But seriously, don’t even think for a moment that your mum calling you or shouting at you to pass her the remote will be blocked out. Hehe, mums have super powers no technology can compete with.

Releasing in a range of new colors—matte black, white, blue, red, porcelain rose and shadow gray—the Beats Studio3 Wireless takes on a more sophisticated look than ever before with the latest collection. Rose for ladies yea? You’ll get a chance to choose your favourite colour. You can get them online on the Beats by Dre website or look for the product at local retailers.