The former Nairobi Diaries queen and musician Noti Flow is back on the limelight again just weeks after quitting the show to focus on her music career. She claims that the show was a complete waste of her time throwing shade at others and getting into unnecessary brawls. She is now set to make a major come back into her rapping career, and that’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a new self-proclaimed rap queen in town now! And Noti isn’t happy about that at all!

Msupa S

The Kale queen, Msupa S who just dropped a collabo with Khaligraph in the hit Utajua Haujui which has raked more than 1 million views just throwed shade at the female rappers. She claims she is the only queen rapper in the game and there isn’t any one who can match her quality of rapping.


This hasn’t been taken well by Noti who even claims not to know who the heck Msupa S is. “What is Msupa S? I have never heard of her.” Claims Noti who sounds very angry when asked about the Kale queen. “Everybody knows of one queen and that’s queen Noti. It’s not self-proclaimed no more. it’s the people even Lipunda knows I am queen. He calls me queen,” she continues to rant on this particular matter. Just to make it clear, Lipunda is Mustafa.