Fiddy’s beef with Diddy is eternal; he throws shades at the latter all the time for reasons best known to him. With the advent of his own vodka, Effen, their rivalry has gone to a whole new level( read business), forcing Diddy’s signee, French Montana to butt in.


The ‘Pop That’ rapper is reported to have thrown shades at Fiddy in the studios of power 105’s breakfast club where he implied that Diddy was a pioneer who paved the way for hip hop artist in the liquor industry and that Fifty was just channeling him.
Here are French’s actual words “Did you ever see somebody in the club with an Effen vodka bottle?” asked French. “I feel like 50 is a marketing genius. He took it away from making music to selling vodka. He’s doing the same technique [as Puffy]. We’re just having fun with it.”

Fifty, being Fifty did not take too kindly to the remarks despite having to French as  “Diddy’s bi***h”. 

Check out what he had to say: