We told you beef season is back! When is the last time we spoke beef in showbiz! Barely two weeks ago when

King Kaka and Prezzo had an altercation online after the former posted some rather controversial lyrics mentioning the latter. Dust has barely settled down and guess who is on it this time! Khali and Octo! Last Friday Khali showed up for a TV interview and he looked ‘lighter’ than usual, something that took the blogosphere by storm. The internet went crazy with allegations that he had gone the ‘Verah Sidika’ way, though he had said no. Then yesterday, he hit back at the haters, singling out rappers who ‘were yapping’ about the skin-lightening issue, yet no rapper had spoken about it.

By doing so, the OG seemingly scared a hornets’ nest as Octo is on him. The Namba Nane rapper who is out of the country currently took to his gram and posted;


Well, we can only sit and wait for who fires next. It’s gonna be interesting to see who does what, and as usual, we’ll keep you informed. Keep the pop-corns coming.