The celebrity world is full of events that leave fans on the edge of the seats. These events sometimes tend to shape the industry and create new alliances. The rivalries that come out of the entertainment sector are full of action and part of why we even follow the industry. In recent years, there have been tiffs that have prompted debate and we take a look at some that have made headlines.

  1. Avril Vs. Naiboi
Avril And Naiboi

According to numerous reports, the duo’s beef began during Naiboi’s 2-in-1 video shoot. It is reported that Avril turned down a chance to take part in the visuals, later explaining that she was in the hospital during the time of the shoot. Their beef lasted for a while. At the beginning of this year, Naiboi asked his fans to recommend any female artist to work with but it should not be Avril. The queen from Nakuru responded and brought a new twist to the tiff. But days ago, fans woke up to Weka and Rada, collabos that show that their two-year beef is finally over.

  1. Bahati vs. Mr. Seed
CEOs of Starborn Empire and EMB Records, Mr. Seed, and Bahati respectively.

The EMB Ceo has been trending for a while due to his relations with artists under his record label. However, the scandal pitying him and Mr. Seed was the tipping point. Bahati and Mr. Seed fell out after a concert on December 31, 2018, after Mr. Seed’s girlfriend was evicted from the concert. The issue caused the gospel stars to go after each other online. The feud appeared to have come to a halt after Seed decided to leave EMB records with questions arising if they will ever get to work on a track together once again.

  1. Octopizzo Vs. Khaligraph
Rap kings: Octo and Khaligraph

The constant back and forth between two of Kenya’s best rappers created a division among the rap fans. With the beef dating back to the era of WAPI, the duo had been at loggerheads for a while and producing diss track after diss track. However, with the years, the duo called out each other for a collabo with everyone eager to work together. It, however, remains a guess on when the duo will hit the studios together.


Despite the numerous beefs that represents a major aspect of music, fans look forward to the shade that gets thrown around and the tracks that are quite sensational during the beefing time and even after. With new artists coming up, it is quite a guess to see who will be at loggerheads with each other in the industry.