I came across this hot video done by some kid called Best Boomer. She is young! No, I don’t know her in person but her physique shows it, that she’s very young. Her song, Mtoto Wa Kike, which was uploaded on YouTube almost a week ago, has garnered almost 800 views (G-Kon ft. Kidis’ video in two weeks has only 500 views) but that’s not the point here. Best Boomer is lyrically gifted and her writing skills are something that should make kina Femi One stop Tippy Toeing and ruuun! Her delivery too is on point, urban with the smooth Swahili that has not been heard in rap ever since E-sier (R.I.P) exited the scene.

Best Boomer’s Swahili flow plus her young age is likely to work in her favor, and even open up her fanbase to Bongo. Her YouTube description says she’s from Mariakani, Coasto. “Ati wananiombea nilost, nalast, wanacheki mi nashine nawacheki wanarust, kutangulia sio kufika memorize hiyo verse anayecheka poa ni yule anayecheka last…,” goes her second verse. Whoever is behind this kid’s management really has struck gold and it’s only a matter of time and a little marketing and Best Boomer will be among the biggest name in our music scene.

Her video is so clear, production on point, what Kenyan showbiz needs to battle it out with Bongo’s Rosa Ree and Chemical. An international collabo too would propel her to unimaginable heights. Check her video ‘Mtoto Wa Kike‘ below;