Don’t have a date this February 14th? Well don’t worry because we have some different and fun ways to spend Valentine’s day with your squad instead of a boyfriend. We all know the real truth –  girls are so much better than guys and that’s just the truth…

1. One Word, Food.

food gif

Food is the ultimate way to celebrate any occasion, so get the girls together and order in some of your favorite treats and sit back and relax. The best part of ordering in though is you don’t have to bother with make up or finding an outfit!

2. Organize a ‘Secret Valentine’

It’s basically just a secret Santa. Round up your girls and pull names from a hat and buy who ever you draw a present. I mean who can say ‘No’ to presents right? Presents are always wanted and always good.

3. Have a ‘Pamper Party’

relxed cat

Whip out the sparkly nail varnish, face masks and have a girly night in pampering yourselves the way you deserve. I would recommend bringing some fluffy socks and comfy clothes to make sure you’re really relaxed. You’re there with your girlfriends so you can just kick back and relax…

4. Go Out For The Night!

Forget staying in. It’s Valentine’s day! Get dressed up and go out for a meal! Go out to nice restaurant and show everyone why you have #squadgoals.

5. Have A Movie Night

movie night gif

Ok so it’s been done before, but you can never go wrong with a movie night, like ever. You don’t have to only watch romantic films though. Try to bring a movie from all five different genres and go mad; romance, comedy, action, drama and horror. Try to watch them all and vote which one was best…

6. Get Yourself Outdoors

If you and your besties are more into being outdoors why not organize a hike or a long cycle?There’s nothing like a bit of exercise to get you in the mood to celebrate your friends.

7. Strut Your Stuff

Finally you and the girls can get all of your favorite outfits and have a fashion show! Mix and match and try to create a cool outfit, whoever has the best clothes and catwalk strut can win a prize.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Source: Teentimes