Betty Kyallo’s sister just turned a year older. The internet has ever since not gone silent on the issue. It seems that team mafisi also want a piece of the Kyallo’s bloodline.

Gloria Kyallo who is the sister in question turned a year older. Eighteen years legal age for going out and living the adult life was the messsage passed forward by Betty.

bettymuteikyallo She’s 18💫 my little sis @gloria_kyallo can now vote, drive😂 still can’t go out😎 but she’s some sort of grownup! I love you sweetheart sooooo much. I wish you all the best in becoming an adult… it’s not easy but if @mercykyallo and I have done it then you’ll be ok. Happy birthday my angel! Ebu Team BK Show her some love!

Team Mafisi were quick to show the little girl some love on all social media platforms.

etemessyacha tufike DM


New signing unveiled just before valentines..we as team mafisi will take it from here now.back to you in the studio betty


@bettymuteikyallo kwani mlipea mungu hongo akawapea urembo ivo😆hbd to her🤓


Happy birthday @gloria_kyallo I’ve already saved your name as I wait for your no 😂 please @bettymuteikyallo ingilia kati



Ety umesema ashafika 18? 😋😋 nauliza tu


Beautiful. Gorgeous and harmless. If she is of age, let me give her my ID since I have two , atanirudishia yake ikitoka


Why you post this and it is not snack time yet @bettymuteikyallo ? 😂😂 Happiest of Birthdays @gloria_kyallo

Away from the team mafisi sentiments, we would like to wish Gloria Kyallo a happy birthday as she celebrates life with new challenges and adventure.