Betty Kyalo has been at the center of a social media storm, with her high-profile marriage to NTV investigative journalist Dennis Okari being the prime topic of discussion.

Speculation that the superstar duo, who tied the knot an illustrious invite-only ceremony in October, are splitting up has been rife– especially after Betty dropped her husbands’ surname on social media.

Betty Kyallo
Mercy Kyalo
Mercy and Betty Kyalo

Sharing a collage of her and Betty on her twitter account, Mercy Kyalo conceded that her sibling has had it rough over the past few months, alluding to “deep family issues”.

This prompted the curvaceous screen siren to break her silence about her personal life, saying that all is well with her.

“It is well with me. It’s been a long tough one but I came out a better and stronger person,” Betty posted after thanking her sister for support.

What she posted after this, however, speaks volumes of the rumored split.

“Time to rebuild and begin the journey of self-discovery Here’s to the future!”

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