Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari have been battling rumors about trouble in their marriage for the last few weeks.

Social media and the blogsphere has been going wild with reports that the two are separating and about to divorce

When the couple wed about six months ago, Betty dropped her last name Kyalo and adopted her husband’s name Okari.

And she proudly changed her twiter handle to @bettyokari and started introducing herself during her bulletins  as such.

Even though they haven’t said a word to confirm or deny they have indeed separated, the tell tale signs show all is not well between Betty and Dennis Okari.

During last night’s Friday briefing…if you were keen enough, you would have noticed that Betty has reverted to using her former last name Kyalo. Look at the pictures below…

Friday briefing, last Friday 25th March
Friday briefing from last night 1st April
Could this be a sign that Betty is moving on?