Haiya! This one now needs a serious beating…Anachokoza nyuki this time the bee being in the form of Dennis Okari ,despite being on his case earlier in the year.

Remember when Mr. Prezzo was hitting on TV goddess Betty Kyalo live on national TV with his flat mistaris. Some said he was high but I don’t think he is now.


His conduct during Betty’s interview irked Dennis Okari who was out of the country and he took shots at Prezzo, referring to him as a ‘kid’ and apologizing to his wife. During an interview with Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Prezzo had a message for Dennis Okari following his inappropriate behavior with Betty.

Mwanaisha gave him an opportunity to say what he would say if he came across Dennis and Betty and this is what he had to say “ Yo! Mr. Dennis. Mambo vipi? Prezzo hapa, sisi wote ni wastaarabu, hiyo yote ilikuwa watu wanataka kutugonganisha. Nakutakia kila la heri on national television.” And as for Betty, Prezzo only said.” Wassup girl!”