The term zero chills applies here on so many levels.

It is an easy and sunny Sunday afternoon and Betty Kyallo Okari  is enjoying herself at an exotic undisclosed location. She could not resist but post a pic of her…..ahem….interesting get up…it is her prerogative anyway ! I think she truly looks good and just as she’s captioned it, looks happy !

But no Kenyans,especially the men are not having it. See the comments on the picture below…

According to these trolls Betty deserved to be mistreated by Prezzo(Remember that disastrous Friday Briefing?).

Some even went as low as explaining why she was

“Impregnated before the age of 21”

betty kyalo

If so obliged you can click on the previous pic to see some of the other comments….

Cannot wait to see how he husband Dennis Okari will defend her this time.