Bey Holiday

Bey Chilling
Beyonce just released her Birthday/Vacation photos to the world and already fans turned the sweet gesture of sharing her life into an accusatory event.

Within hours of releasing her photos to her fans, some already found some traces of photoshopping in one of the photos.

Bey in BikiniOne photo where you can see Bee in all her bikini glory, coming down stairs of her luxury boat, a step seemed to be twisted- right between her thighs.

Reports are claiming this is the aftermath of a not so perfect photoshop?
Bey photoshop thighsHowever, photoshopping what? Apparently her thighs. Angry fans took to twitter to express annoyance, some saying:

‘@Beyonce uses Photoshop!! Why promote accepting yourself in your videos if you clearly lie about yourself?’
Ohh mann…

And apparently, this is not the first time Beyonce has been apparently caught photoshopping.

Source: In Flex We Trust dot com