Here’s the formation…..the lovely couple has always been goals for ages.After Bey announced her “On the Run 2” tour,sources have it that she will be doing this with Jay Z.Does that spark your attention?This comes after they had their tour together from way back in 2014.To cream the cake,they will also be accompanied by their three children.This is the ultimate combination and we all can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Bey and Jay Z during the 2014 tour.

If the river continues to flow as it is right now,the tour is scheduled to take place at Philadephia’s Lincoln Financial Field on 30th July 2018.Echos have it that the couple have been working on some music together which is speculated as the blazing factor about the tour.

The power couple will definitely give us great music not forgetting to update our sense of fashion.We are super excited about this and we will definitely keep you posted..