For this unfortunate high school teenie who was found among other students engaging in a drug fuelled orgy, life afterwards has been quite the ordeal. From having exposing pics of her spreading all around the internet, courtesy of an insensitive policewoman, to being handed a 8 month suspension, she has been in the eye of a storm quite out of her control.



At first, society was all daggers at the students, then it realised that there was a great offender on this all- the policewoman and turned their sights on her, deservedly of course. But with all that going, the underlying point is that the drug problem is a deep problem that cannot and should not be handled superficially.

The High Court’s decision to suspend the girl’s probation as investigations into the police woman proceed is proof of this awakening.

Justice Odunga on Tuesday said the girl’s rights were violated by her nudity being exposed to the public.

The Judge fixed the case to be heard on September 8, 2015.

We shall keep you posted of the developments.


Joe Black