They’ve pulled off crazy fashion stunts but this is the craziest one yet!!!

Just a while back Sauti Sol was crucified for their awful taste in fashion. Now Bien has given social media more to comment on their rather crazy fashion sense.sauti sol sauti

During the lit up show they held at Ngong’ Racecourse, for their album launch,yesterday, Bien was spotted clad in a print suit, that supposedly was made out of a cheap curtain material. (see evidence)

Bien performing on stage in his curtain outfit
Bien performing on stage in his ‘curtain outfit’
sauti sol
sauti sol


the supposed curtain material look-alike
the supposed ‘curtain material look-alike’

The normally smartly dressed Bien made a terribly wrong choice of outfit. Then again it’s his money so he can spend it how he wants to right?

By: Joan Rangara