Well check out Sauti Sol’s family portrait during their manager’s wedding last weekend. I would like to draw #TeamMafisi’s attention towards the super hot lady by Bien’s side. Got your attention? Okay, let’s continue…

sauti sol 3

Our “Nishike” boys know how to make the girls go wild and scream for their chocolatey delights. It looks like Sauti Sol’s front man, Bien Aime, has found himself an ‘Isabella.’ This past weekend, he was spotted getting very cosy with a delightfully delicious gal. Bein Aime Girlfriend (1)

This lady is called Chiki. And she’s been Bien’s ‘Isabella’ for a minute! This fly chica is actually an achiever in her own rights. She is the current dance choreographer for the TV series Slim Possible. Looks like she’s been putting those dance moves to practice on Bien, as the crooner can’t seem to get enough of her.