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Big Sean Balling Spree…


Well, the guy has been a bit hush! hush! in music but he is definitely making money moves. He ain’t some broke niggah. Probably his hit Day One featuring Travis Scott coughed him up some serious shmoney. I mean this guy is spending big on himself and we can’t pretty much say he’s doing the same for Jhene Aiko. Big Sean is on slay papa mode, he wakes, prays and slays.What has he done? Well that’s not what we should be asking but what is he yet to do.Holy snap! I know that’s what is on your damn minds. Well guys this is Big Sean’s new house from Slash which cost him $8.7million. He bought the crib and is paying proper homage to Slash just because of the touch of skull in it. As far as am concerned his home will remain intact as far as skulls are concerned. What he got for it… an 11,000 square foot mansion and 7 bedrooms in a particularly swanky part of Beverly Hills. Guys this is just one thing Big Sean has done but the jaw dropper is this one right here.



Sean just turned the big 3-0 and he celebrated by treating himself to some bling from NYC-based Avianne & Co Jewelers, and it’s gonna weigh heavy on his hand, for sure.

The centerpiece is a stunning 4-carat Colombian emerald that’s surrounded by 15 carats worth of VS diamonds. The total cost is $120k, or basically … a new G-Wagon on his finger.

We’re told the ring was made in New York but it was delivered to Sean in L.A. before his birthday, which he celebrated over the weekend with Jay-Z, Beyonce, John Mayer and, of course, Jhene.

Big Sean is really spending big time but we all hope he is making as much. Would you spend this much peeps?





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